Study - 89 percent of people live in stress, more than China and America

Today, the thing is that the matter has reached the country more than the city. According to a recent study, 89 percent of India's people are in tension (Stress), whereas the global average is 86 percent. One out of every eight stressed people in the survey has faced serious problems in getting rid of these problems. People have not been able to cure their problem for many reasons. The biggest problem is the cost of treatment.

Study result in 23 nations troubling:-

This study was directed in 23 nations including the United States, UK, Germany, France, China, Brazil and Indonesia, and its result could involve worry for India. Since the general population of India is confronting considerably more worry than all the world's nations.

Compared to many emerging countries, tension levels in India are in bigger form. During this study, approx 14k people living in different countries of the world were interviewed online. After which it came out that India is ahead of the rest of the world in the fourth year for the tension of the world.

75 percent of people cannot take help of doctor:-

Of all the people covered in this survey in India, 75 percent of them said that they cannot get medical help regarding the problem of their stress. Since on the off chance that he goes to an expert Doctor to analyze this issue, at that point he needs to spend a lot of money for it.

Talking about the causes of stress, people's work and their economic status are the biggest reason. Although most people had said that if their work environment is favorable, then their level of stress may be reduced.

89 percent of people live in stress, more than China and America

It is a relief that 50 percent of the people in the survey said that they got support from the workplace while talking about this and they are participating in the workplace health program.

The vast majority, around 87 percent said that if they somehow happened to pick one of two bosses, they would pick where they would get ideal conditions and work wellbeing (health) programs.

Tension risk of obesity and Infections/ diseases:-

The findings of the survey revealed that one in every two persons in India meets their health related expenses with their savings in old age. After this insurances number comes up.

Four out of each ten individuals in India take medical coverage for themselves (health insurance). It is worth mentioning here that people moving towards old age are better prepared in this case and also insure with regular health checkups. Due to the stress of the people, obesity and disease are also included, and in this sequence, sleep replacement changes are at the bottom.

Cannot give enough time to their family:-

·    The 50-55% of the overviewed individuals had a place with the individuals who needed a social distraction and got worried because of getting enough time with family and companions and not satisfying their leisure activities.

·     The care of guardians and the diligent work of putting the kids on their feet additionally conveys numerous individuals to the entryway of stress.

·     Today the condition of human beings has become like a machine. Every day runs behind her face and every night she refuses to fail her efforts. In such a circumstance, in the event that he gets pressure, at that point, he is additionally in charge of it, since he has not seen the long street achieving the floor, but rather he is strolling around running, we have not seen him.

Some Tips to remove Stress

·   By doing regular exercising, yoga and meditation, the brain is better and stronger also you feel like stress-free.
·     Eat Healthy and good food. Do not eat junk food at all and take special care of what you are eating, whether it is in the right quantity or not. 
·    Keep yourself away from the world once a month. Stress is good for the brain because in the emergency only your brain thinks faster. But staying in tension for a long time is not good for the brain. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself away from the others from time to time, which gives your mind a sense of relief.
·      Listen to music - If you have stress in your mind, then listen to music at least once you will feel better. By listening to music, you will calm your mind.
·    Take full sleep and Get up Before Sunrise in the morning -Always take a good and full sleep. This will increase your memory power. With proper sleep, your brain will work actively and you will be able to remember things easily. So you have already known that sleep is very important, if you sleep less than 5 hours then you cannot be mentally alert.

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