Humsafar Express will run from 29th of September in place of the Delhi-Chennai Garib-Rath Express.

Indian Railways has decided to pull back the Service of New Delhi-Chennai 'Garib- Rath' Express, a cheapest AC-3 tier Express train and introduce a New Humsafar Express on the route instead which name will be New Delhi-Chennai Humsafar Express. Yes, all you guys have heard right. Indian Railways will soon stop 'Chennai's Garib-Rath' Express. If you want more information on this topic, then read the entire article below.

Humsafar Express, an all AC-3 tier premium service of the Indian Railways, is all set to replace the Garib Rath train on the New Delhi-Chennai route. A railway official said that the decision has been taken because the existing coaches of the Delhi-Chennai Garib Rath are in poor condition and maintenance is increasingly becoming an area of concern. He has also said that the rake of 'Garib-Rath' express train is quite old, in such a situation, it has also faced many problems in maintenance due to this, Indian Railway decided to replace the Garib-rath Express on this route with brand new Humsafar Express.

“New coaches(rake) of Humsafar Express are not being manufactured as of now, so we have decided to replace the Garib Rath with Humsafar Express rake so that passengers are not inconvenienced,” the official said. According to sources, the rake of new Humsafar Express rake will start giving its service by the end of September, but for the time being no additional fare will be charged.

New Delhi - Chennai Humsafar Express

“Bookings for Garib Rath have already happened. Hence till December, the Humsafar Express rake will be used without offering additional features of the train such as tea or coffee vending machine. No additional fare will be charged. But from December onwards, the train will run as a regular Humsafar Express service with all its features and fare,” the official said.

From an every passenger perspective, however, replacing Garib rath with Humsafar Express will mean doling out additional money from December. Humsafar Express, unlike Garib Rath, is a premium train service with several passenger-friendly features such as tea or coffee vending machines, comfortable seats, more charging points, modular interior and toilets, GPS-based passenger information systems screens, LED lights, CCTVs etc. "Garib-Rath", on the other hand, is a pocket-friendly low-cost(cheap) 3 Tier AC train which caters to the needs of the common man.

How much will the Fare of Humsafar Express?

Reports suggest that passengers pay to have to shell out much more now with fares of Humsafar Express starting at around 2,000 and increasing as the demand of passengers grows.

With the implementation of this move, the fares will increase by 1,000 to 2,000 per passenger for Third AC Class travel in Humsafar Express train, reports suggest. According to reports, the fare of regular AC three-tier train services, operating between Chennai and New Delhi, begins from 2,050, but passengers were able to travel in Garib Rath train for 1,380 only.

The Garib Rath Express trains were introduced in the year 2005 by Indian Railways in order to provide AC class travel to passengers at a very cheap price. According to Reports info, there are  26 ‘Garib-Rath’ trains are running across the country.

When will the Chennai Humsafar Express begin?

As per the Indian Railways board order, with effect from September 29, the Both Zones that is Northern zone and Southern zone of Indian Railways will suspend booking of Chennai Garib-Rath Express trains and shall define or introduce new Humsafar Express train service on the notified fare module structure of the train.

The replacement of ‘Garib-Rath’ with a very costlier Humsafar Express will drastically affect a passenger’s as tickets would get expensive. With his decision of the Indian Railways peoples are very disappointing because people had to pay only 1,380 for going from Delhi to Chennai, but now it will be doubled immediately in Humsafar Express, it directly means that passengers pockets will loose. People are saying that Indian Railway has found a new way to charge more, widen the coverage of Flexi fare by replacing non-Flexi fare trains with Flexi fare trains.

The regular fare of 3-AC trains on New Delhi- Chennai route begins from 2050. However, ‘Garib-Rath’ was very affordable for people, especially for those who have less money and wants to travel in AC Class, as they were able to get Garib-Rath tickets at 1380 only. The train comes with LED displays, public announcement systems such that it displays which station is next, the current speed of the train etc. , CCTV, vending machines and many more.

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Humsafar Express will run from 29th of September in place of the Delhi-Chennai Garib-Rath Express. Humsafar Express will run from 29th of September in place of the Delhi-Chennai Garib-Rath Express.   Reviewed by Tree Hub Junction on September 04, 2018 Rating: 5
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