Health Benefits of Blowing a Conch Shell or a Shankh

We all know that God is pleased and happy by blowing conch (शंख) shell, but do you know that it is also very beneficial for your health and fitness. Blowing the conch is extremely beneficial to our health. In addition to blowing conch, drinking lots of water that is put inside the conch, all disease related to skin and body problems are totally destroyed. Let's know in this article some Health Benefits of blowing conch.


Its scientific and medicinal remedies

According to scientists, the cone sound is a refinement of the environment. It is said that wherever the conch sound reaches, all the germs in this area are destroyed. There are many uses in this context. According to Ayurveda, diseases such as stomach disorders, joints, liver, stones etc are cured by playing conch. It is mentioned in the Puranas, those dumb patients can get the power to speak when they play conch. It is also a panacea for hearts patients.

According to modern science, while we playing conch is the exercise of our lungs, it provides strength to combat respiratory diseases. The water kept in the conch at the time of worship is sprinkled on all, which has amazing power to destroy the germs. Simultaneously water kept in the conch is very beneficial for health and our bones, teeth if you drink that water. In the Conch, there are calcium, phosphorus and sulfur properties which come into the water contained in it.

The scientific reason for this is that the conch is a good exercise for breathing. According to Brahmavyatta Purana, the surrounding atmosphere is clean by keeping water in the conch and sprinkling it in the house. Tansen gained vocal power by playing conch in his early stages.

    Some health-related benefits of Blowing a Conch

1.    Remove wrinkles from face
If you are worried about the problem of wrinkles on the face then playing conch can help you. Indeed, while blowing the conch, face muscles are stretch, and the fine lines disappear from our face.

2.    Beneficial for lungs and in cancer diseases
The lung function is also exercised by conch shelling, and besides this, our lungs are not deformed. It also helps in keeping the lungs healthy; apart from this, it also helps people to overcome respiratory problems.

3.    Reduce tension and depression
Playing or blowing the conch or a shankh also removes our stress. Actually if playing a conch is in regular activity, blood circulation is good in our brain, which keeps our mind cool. Apart from this, it also helps to control stress levels.

4.    It helpful in the gas problem in the stomach
The direct impact of blowing conch falls on our various muscles in the body. By playing the conch, it contracts and spreads, causing the internal parts of the body to be exercised. At the same time, you do not have the gas problem and stomach remains healthy for life-long.

5.    It helpful in a cough, jaundice, BP Problem
If you have a minor disease related to a cough, breath, jaundice, blood pressure or heart, then there is a simple solution to get rid of it that you play a conch once in a day.

benifits of blowing Shankh

Scientists believe that due to the effect of conch (शंख) blowing, the harmful rays of the sun are inhibited. Therefore the law of conch blowing in the morning and evening is meaningful. According to the well-known scientist, as far as the sound of conch goes, the germs of all diseases are destroyed. This also makes the environment pure. In the conch, useful substances such as sulfur, phosphorus and calcium are present. It makes water present in it and becomes sterile. That is why it is considered as a great medicine in the scriptures. Consequences of complex diseases such as asthma, asthma, decay can be greatly reduced by playing conch.

Blow conch and get rid of Many Diseases

·      Blowing conch is the destruction of the negative energy around you and the transmission of positive energy. As far as the sound coming from the conch goes away, the germs of the diseases are destroyed.

·      Blowing conch is accompanied by positive energy, which increases the self. The conch is rich in natural calcium, sulphur and phosphorus. If we play conch every day then throats and lung diseases are completely destroyed.

·    All the diseases of the mouth are destroyed due to the playing conch. Blowing conch is the exercise of the face, respiratory system, hearing system and lungs. Through the conch shell, the memory power increases. This is the importance of our Indian culture in it the scientific side of religion is concealed.

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