How to increase Brain Power and concentration : 11 Tips

If you have to be healthy, fit and active then it is very important for your brain to remain active. For this, it is very important to have the right and healthy diet, exercise, complete sleep, and stay calm. Our brain is a type of  learning machine. Try to learn faster and keep it active. Apart from this, the speed of the brain, power, and accuracy also increases by listening and learning languages. Put yourself into more and more activities and hobbies so that your brain is always strong and active.

It has happened to you ever since you are trying to remember someone's name or the name of some place and you cannot remember anything. Sometimes it has happened to you. This happens because of reasons - your brain is not active and strong. It is often said that with the increase in age, the memory of your brain goes down, but there is so much truth in this, we do not even know it.

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If you have to increase your brain's potential, capability and strengthen, then follow some tips given below to strengthen your mind.

 1. Regular Exercise

By regular exercising and yoga, the brain is better and stronger. By daily exercise practice, mutual contact between brain cells is improved and new cells are also formed. Exercise with cardio gives you more oxygen and if you are doing outdoor exercises you also get vitamin D. By doing regular exercise and yoga it keeps the brain active and increases the memory of brain. Do aerobic exercise to keep brains strong, healthy and young. Meditation is also lead to increase your brain power.

  2. Balanced diet - Eat Healthy and good food 

v The 20 percent of all the ingredients that you take an intake of energy and energy go straight to the brain, which is why the working condition of the brain depends on the level of glucose. If your sugar level is not controlled, then your brain can be confused.
v Do not eat junk food at all and take special care of what you are eating, whether it is in the right quantity or not.
v Also, keep in mind that the brain cells are made from fat, so do not give up the use of fat in the food. Apart from this, nuts, seeds, eggs, pears and fish are better for the brain.   
 3. Keep yourself away from the world once a month

v Stress is good for the brain because in the emergency only your brain thinks faster. But staying in tension for a long time is not good for the brain. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself away from the others from time to time, which gives your mind a sense of relief.
v Although at this time you can employ the other part of the brain, this is the part in which we dream of the day, it is very important to maintain the condition.

 4. Always keep looking for new challenges

v To keep your mind healthy, it is important that you continue to challenge new things, learn new things. Because accepting new challenges will make your brain stronger. It means you can increase your brain's ability by learning a new language or learning a new art. If you cannot do all this, then try playing online games with your friends and family, such as Ludo, Chase, Puzzle etc.
v Share the knowledge you have with the people and increases the world's knowledge.

5. Remember with the movement

v This technique is used by most of the actor. If you do something with the movement, then it is more likely to be remembered. If you have to give a presentation or give a speech, remember to make your preparation while preparing for your preparation or dancing, you will definitely see a clear difference.
v If you are traveling, then you can read newspapers or magazines, notes etc. you will always remember some of these things.

 6. Listen to music

v Music has a magical effect on the mind. Watch someone sing a song or watch a musical instrument, you will feel that his whole body is active. Music has also been seen to be beneficial for many times in the case of going the memory of brain.
v If you have stress in your mind, then listen to music at least once you will feel better. By listening to music, you will calm your mind.

 7. Become Social Person

Listen to jokes, watch comedy films, movies or programs, and enjoy it, it will give energy to the brain. Become a social person Also, start mixing with people, share your Thought and Idea with others.

how to increase brain power by yoga-Tree Hub Junction

 8. See and understand things

Many times you cannot remember the things you read; we miss them. But if you see in form of drawing, pictures, charts, table, it is easy to remember. If you do not remember anything, you can remember that thing by making an image of it in mind. You can also create charts or figures for yourself.

  9. Read well and take proper sleep

v  If you read something new in the day, the wires of two cells of your brain are added, when you sleep, this contact is strong and whatever you read, it becomes involved in your memory of your brain. Therefore sleeping is the most important factor for determination.

v So always take a good and full sleep. This will increase your memory power. With proper sleep, your brain will work actively and you will be able to remember things easily. This is the reason why watching movies or avoiding horror movies should be avoided before sleeping. Always should sleep with positive experiences.

  10. Get up Before Sunrise in morning

v So you have already known that sleep is very important, if you sleep less than 5 hours then you cannot be mentally alert. This situation cannot happen when you sleep for more than 8 hours. So you must take 8 to 9 hours of sleep daily.
v However, this is also important how you get up. But be sure to wake up before the sunrise in the morning. Because when sunrays pass through your eyelids, then it prepares the brain for the better response. If there is no sunlight in your premises then buy an alarm in which light system is installed.

 11. Play Brain Games like Crossword, Puzzles, Chess

Studies have shown that your brain is more active when you read newspapers, solving its crossword puzzles, with this; your brain will work actively. Also, solve quizzes, play Ludo, Chess and play card games.

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