Jayanagar Garib-Rath will also close soon, Humsafar Express will run and TTE make penalties from HHT

The operation of the Garib-Rath Express, operating from East Central Railway Samastipur Division, will be stopped soon. In place of Garib-Rath, Indian Railway plans to run premium trains “Humsafar Express".

Humsafar Express will be operated in the first phase, instead of the Garib Rath Express running on the Delhi-Chennai railway route. Its preparation has been completed. From September 29, the Humsafar Express will start running between Hazrat Nizamuddin -Chennai. In the second phase, Jayanagar Garib Rath will be closed soon. After the operation of this train is closed, the passengers on the Garib Rath Express ticket for three months will be able to travel in Humsafar Express.

Why Took This Decision?

In the order of Railway Board, instructions have been given to close the booking of the Garib- Rath Express trains in South Zone and Northern Zone offices from September 29. According to information received from Railway Official sources, the coaches of Garib Rath Express has become old, which cannot be repaired now, which has led to the decision to run Humsafar Express instead.

Passengers traveling in the Humsafar Express run on the Delhi-Chennai rail section will be charged for the Garib-Rath for the next two months. But since December, the passengers will have to pay the fare for the Humsafar Express.

Humsafar-Express run in place of Chennai and Jayanagr garib-rath__HHT

Lalu Prasad Yadav, former Railway Minister, started the operation of the Garib-Rath in the year 2005. The purpose of launching the Garib Rath Express was that the poor could travel in such a class in low fare. Passengers traveling by this train have the facility to travel in less money than normal mail and express trains to 3Tier Ac Coach. But now railways will double the pockets of passengers in Humsafar Express because the fares of Humsafar Express doubled in comparison to the Garib-Rath Express.

Soon Gaya Garib-Rath will run two days in a week

There is good news for people going from Delhi to Gaya. Now Indian Railway has started the exercise of increasing the round-trip of the  Gaya Garib Rath Express. At present, Garib Rath Express is run only Sunday from Gaya to New Delhi. But in the next few weeks, this train will run two days in a week. The Railway Board has started planning on this. According to railway sources, the operation of the Garib rath will be done two days a week between November or December.

Ticket and Penalties will be made online from Hand Held Terminal(HHT) :- 

On the lines of roadways bus conductor, now the Chief Ticket Inspector (CTI) and Ticket Checker and Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE and TC etc.) will run with ticket machine "Hand-Held Terminal" (HHT). Now to make fines for tickets at the station or in trains, TTE or TC will now use HHT instead of EFT (Excess Fair Ticket). In order to make complete stop the fraud in the EFT and to make the ticket system easier, the Railways have taken an important decision about the use of HHT (Hand-Held Terminal).

Use of Hand-Held Terminal at Indian Railway level has begun. Under the pilot project, Hand-Held Terminal is being used in the Vijayawada division of South Central Railway. According to departmental experts, use of the hand-held terminal in the Vijayawada division is successful. Soon it will be used in other zonal railways too. Preparations have already begun on the use of the terminal in the Eastern Railway. After this, it will be started in India soon.

What is Hand Held Terminal (HHT)?

HHT project is to computerize the On-board passenger interface operations performed manually by the Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTE). Under this project, TTE or TC will be provided with a Hand Held Terminal also Know as Hand Held Computing Terminal(HHT), which will be linked to the central Reservation Computer through a wireless network. 

Why was Taken This Decision?

Actually, Indian Railway received a lot of complaints every day in the EFT (Excess Fair Ticket) process; the railway is serious due to this. Two months ago, a case of disturbance of about 13 to 14 lakhs was reported through EFT in Gonda District in Uttar-Pradesh.

According to sources, the fake EFT case has been caught several times in the Eastern Railway. Two years ago, the gang making the EFT in Lucknow was busted. Some of the current ticket inspectors used to lure the railway using fake EFT and the railway did not even know it. But now this step of the railway will take a Stoppage in the fraud case.

Hand-Held Terminal(HTS) will also check Counter Tickets:-

The plan for further development of the Eastern Railway Hand Held Terminal. It will also check the tickets issued by the Railway counters in addition to booking the tickets by the machine. If there is any doubt, any railway Ticket Examiner or Ticket Checker can also check the passenger's ticket. Keeping the HHT on the ticket will reveal the difference between real and fake.

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